3 Lessons

There are some good lessons in my life but sometimes I just forget them. So maybe putting them here is a good way to remember.

The first lesson is there is no such thing called a perfect moment. You gotta do what you need to do at the time you think there is a need. Don't wait until everything is perfect, because that moment will never come and you will be late for everything.

The second lesson is you are only able to solve a problem if you accept it as what it is. Accept it is a problem, a challenge that you need and only you can solve it. Not your colleagues, not your manager, not anyone else... it must be you. Only when you accept that's a problem, you will start finding solutions to solve it. If you keep refusing it's a problem that you are facing, you will not think of any solution and hence the problem remained the same forever.

The third lesson is words lie, actions don't.