Bad Code Is Great

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**Summary.**People complains a lot about bad code. A lot of "what the food" words come out from a developer when he reviews a bad code. But on the other hand, bad code is a great opportunity for me as a developer in a third world country.

For people who don't know what is a bad code. It's simply a piece of code that when someone looks at it, it makes them feel uncomfortable and eventually produce a lot of "what the food" or "WTF" or whatever a developer can say when he's angry. The more "WTF" words, the worse the code.

Some pieces of bad code may even turn a developer into crazy mode and eventually leave the project because he cannot stand for it anymore...

Most of the time bad means "bad" and "no opportunity" but in case of "bad code", it's a great opportunity for developers in a third world country like me. It means there are some shits in someone's products and there is a chance they will hire me to "clean that shit". And this is where I make money from.

"Clean that shit" is a terrible job for people in developed country but for me it's a great opportunity. It means I will have money for taking care of my family. And this is what most of developers in a third world country are looking for, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic - when making money is hard.

But actually "clean that shit" is not that bad. It's not the real dirty thing you can imagine, it's just a state in your mind and you can clean it with your dedication and hard work, to make it better and prettier. And making something better and prettier is a greatest job ever, not just for people in a third world country but also for people in a developed country.

So, what can I say? Be positive, makes money and takes care of your family!