Fast Comes With A Cost

Thanh Pham / Sat 15 Jul 2023
I did it fast
I did it fast

A teacher asks his students to do some fast calculation exercises to see who is the fastest one in the class. There is a student who answers all the questions almost instantly. The only problem is that almost all of his answers are wrong. "But I did it fast" - the student said.

This story is very similar to software development. When you do it fast, there are details to be missed, hence bugs and technical debts are always behind you - waiting to be paid.

All developers know this but sometimes you don't have any choice and have to go with the flow. The only difference is that sometimes your stakeholders understand it well and always support you whatever it costs. But you're not always lucky. And when luck is not your friend, let's hope that you have enough time to pay your debts.

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