Reading a book - Chemistry/Getty Images/Digital Vision

When I was a child, I liked reading books so much. I read everything I have around me. It could be a comic I got from my friends or from my teacher. It could be a novel I got from my brothers or even it's the Bible I got from my parents - that's why there's a time my Mother thought I’d liked to be a priest ^_^.

I don't know why I love reading that much. I can stay at home reading from the morning till the afternoon and still not feeling enough. My family was really poor at the time and hence there was no money for buying books, but luckily I got some from friends and teachers. Every time I got a book I tried to read everything in one day and give it back. That was a really great time in my life.

The great thing about books is they showed me what I've not known before. It opened a whole new world I've never seen before. Not only knowledge, but also a whole new level of emotion.

Even at the time I was still very young, but the books I've read gave me multiple beautiful worlds of emotions. That can be a fun moment when I was reading a comic for kids, it can be a sad moment when a boy failed to protect his love. It can also be an inspirational moment when a boy struggled to fight for his future and then finally made a victory over all the obstacles on his journey. Sometimes, a book is also a window to a new world where I can escape reality and live the dream life for a while. It gives me hope and energy to overcome obstacles on my journey to success in real life.

Those kinds of emotions when reading are really beautiful. Now I am much older, but still love reading so much. But it’s kind of hard to find the exact excitement as when I was a child. Most of the time I read nowadays is for obtaining knowledge on the field I’m working on. Hence I moved from reading books to reading blogs and articles since they are faster to read and obtain information.

I like holding a real book for reading. It gives me full concentration. I like the smell, the color and the moment when touching the paper of the real book. It's just simply beautiful.

There's a time when I liked to read books in cafes, it's a nice place to read - with coffee, light music and good views, but holding a real book at a cafe in Vietnam is not a common thing. People will look at you like an alien and hence sometimes it's very uncomfortable and distracting as well. So later on I switched to reading on a Kindle Paper White which I found is also a good option.

I found the Kindle Paper White is a very good device for reading. The design is super cool and the reading experience is nearly like reading a real book except it doesn't smell like a book. It's still more distracting compared to real books but much better compared to phones and computers. It's the greatest device I've ever bought.

Regardless of reading on what kind of devices, reading is always interesting and I think the joy of reading is the greatest gift I've ever been given. Life is still going on and there's still time for reading....